Tom Dempster is a Director of IFAM Capital, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. His camera has been with him on travels to India, Syria, Lebanon, the Philippines, Europe, Taiwan, Colombia, Iceland, and, of course, South Dakota.


Tom at the helm.

He is the author/photographer of two books, Behold, and North of 12 Street, a finalist for Foreward Book Review’s book-of-the-year. His work has appeared on the front page of USA Today, in the International Herald Tribune, Sailing Magazine, South Dakota Magazine and in both South Dakota Photographed and South Dakota's Best Stories.

He was the host of South Dakota Hero’s, a SD Public Radio documentary that earned the Edward R. Murrow Award. He is a frequent contributor to SD Public Radio. He has had a number of solo gallery shows and has twice won the People’s Choice award at the Washington Pavilion Art Auction.

He has served for eight years in the SD Senate and as a Minnehaha County Commissioner for nine years. He is a USD graduate with a BA in Economics.

He and his wife Patti have three daughters, all well educated, with each married to a man they admire. They delight in nine grandchildren.

A brother and sister in my door-to-door campaign for the SD Senate.