The Lofotens

Thomas Stegen, Tom's grandfather, was a Lofoman, a man from the Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. Tom and Patti traveled to the Lofotens with their oldest daughter and two of her children.

In the video below, join Tom for a sail across the North Sea to the Lofoten Islands on the northern tip of Norway...

O.E. Rolvaag, the author of Giants In the Earth, the epic South Dakota saga, was also a Lofoman. About this land of stunning beauty, Rolvaag writes "where utmost Light and utmost Dark hold tryst"

Tom and Patti participated in a Rotary Friendship Exchange to Denmark in 2017, and this video below is in honor of that exchange. Tom first went to Denmark eons ago on a Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange. He later headed a GSE team to India. All three daughters were Rotary Youth Exchange students, Lizzy and Annie spent a year in Italy, Jenny, a year in Denmark.